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What is Chartbreaker?

Our Chartbreaker offer gives you access to the exclusive tools used by major label artists, providing the exact same blueprint for chart success. Each special feature has been carefully considered to give your music the best chance of breaking into and climbing the charts.

Not ready to release your music just yet? You can buy now and use this package any time in the next 12 months.

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5 Great Tools

What do I get?

  • Worldwide Chart Registration

    Sell your music in 200 online stores worldwide including iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music and make sure your sales are counted towards the charts. We’ll register your music for chart entry around the world including Billboard, UK, Australia and more.

  • Pre-release with instant grat

    Set up a pre-release campaign with iTunes, Amazon & Google Play and start building sales before your release date. This special service is ideal for giving your first week of sales an extra boost.

  • Two Guaranteed Features (PRO only)

    Your release will be featured on at least two reputable online music publications, putting it in front of new listeners and potential fans all over the globe.

  • Guaranteed Spotify Playlisting

    Feature your release on our Chartbreaker Spotify Playlist which will help boost your Spotify stream count, increasing both your royalties and exposure. We will also be doing some major promo of the playlist to over 100k musicians and industry players.

  • Release strategy meeting

    Get personalised 1-on-1 advice from a Ditto campaign manager. We'll show you how to ensure your release has the best chance of breaking into the charts.

Upgrade to Chartbreaker Pro

Includes two guaranteed reviews of your release

When you secure our Chartbreaker Pro package, we’ll make sure your release is featured and reviewed on at least two respected music websites to create even more hype and publicity for your track.

What are our artists saying?

After using Ditto’s Chartbreaker services, I not only increased my sales and my fan base, but I managed to chart in the iTunes top 10 with my first ever release!

- Louisa Wendorff

Ditto Music support their artists as well as providing them with a service. I can't see me leaving them for as long as I'm still making music.

- SNY Producer

Using Ditto's chartbreaker services I sold over 100,000 copies of my debut single 'Turn My Swag On'.

- Alexa Goddard


Secure this special offer and use on any release in the next 12 months

Save $250
Includes 1 on 1 Strategy Session
Worldwide Chart Registration
Pre-release with Instant Grat
Spotify Playlisting
Save $500
Includes 2 Guaranteed Features
Includes 1 on 1 Strategy Session
Worldwide Chart Registration
Pre-release with Instant Grat
Spotify Playlisting

Guaranteed features on 2 reputable music websites

Our experienced PR team will secure at least two features for your release on popular music websites to give your music a boost and increase your exposure.