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That's why we now take a personal and professional interest in making it easier for you to get your music heard and bought.

We distribute your music to the world's leading digital platforms - the download stores that mean business and sales. We help you set up your own label the way you want.

6 great reasons to choose Ditto Music

Outstanding Service

In 2011, Ditto won the RECSS Customer Support Award for Best Online Service Provider; you can easily get through to us and talk to us, and you can rest assured we'll listen and respond.

A Great Deal

A great deal; as an artist, you just pay a small upfront fee to get your music into hundreds of online stores including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and eMusic. You keep the rights to your music and 100% of the royalties your music generates.


You can set up a record label, become eligible for charts all over the world, sell your work on pre-release and take advantage of pioneering Ditto services. With new ideas and ways to sell more of your music.

Reach and Resources

Our capacity and connections mean we can put on regular music showcases all over the world and constantly open up new opportunities for your music.

Industry Respect

We were nominated Distributor of the Year at the 2013 Music Week Awards: rated 'Best Distributed' by Wired Magazine, 2013; and nominated for both 'Best Media & Creative Business' of the year at the International Trade Awards.


By helping you sell your music digitally online, removing all the hassle, and giving you all the support you need. We can show you a better and easier way to succeed at what you do best.

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