What you will learn

Learn real-life tips and techniques to get your music onto major playlists, so you can reach new fans, rack up streams and earn a bigger slice of the billion-dollar music streaming industry.

Discover insider figures and data on how much independent musicians stand to earn on average per stream from the biggest platforms in different countries around the world.

Read how to make your music climb the viral streaming charts, including details on exactly how they are compiled and which charts, playlists and other compilations you should be targeting.

Make sure you reap the long-term benefits of getting playlisted with this essential advice on keeping your music on major playlists, so you can take full advantage of the exposure they provide.

Uncover some of the playlisting success stories and methods Lee has encountered over recent years in the industry, as well as important tools to help you better manage your music career.

Streaming is only going to become more and more important to the music industry as major platforms continue to expand. Find out what’s next for streaming and what it means for you.

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About the author

Lee Parsons is the CEO and co-founder of Ditto Music, one of the world’s largest music distribution companies, supporting over 150,000 artists across the globe.